In the traditional world of square dancing, gay clubs in New York and California accept anyone, gay or straight, just as they are. Partners premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival 2016. 

The Taxi Composer

Christopher Fulkerson is a modernist classical composer who for the last 23 years has worked as cab driver in San Francisco. With a Ph.D. and an impressive body of work, what's he doing behind the wheel of a taxi?

The Mayor of Noe Valley

A newsstand with 2,000 titles is thriving in a San Francisco neighborhood. Owner Sam Salameh explains how his business is about more than magazines.

The Last Video Store

Why open a video store in this day and age? Aaron Hillis, the owner of Video Free Brooklyn, explains why the preconceived notions about video stores are all wrong.

Interview with Nate Ruess of fun.

Four weeks into the run of "We are Young" as the #1 song in America I interviewed Nate Ruess in the backyard of San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill.

An Interview with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips

In the ladies bathroom at Bimbo's 365 in San Francisco, Wayne Coyne discusses the art behind a Flaming Lips live show.